Creating a Gamer Planet




who are we

Gameness is a super app enriched with crypto and NFT, where you can participate in tournaments, education, and events within esports.

It has been developed to solve many problems of the community, brands, and teams. Our app is already ready for beta release.

It's a spinoff company from The Academys, so we already reach 400.000 Users, 130+ Brands, and 42 countries.

our partners & investors

  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • BingX
  • SingularityDAO
  • Gains
  • Krafton
  • Neuler
  • Saga
  • Starters Hub
  • TBA


You'll see a lot of online and LAN events like this at Gameness! Let's see what we've done before!


We believe there are still many undiscovered stars


Of a shining star!
Learn from the best! Get training on the subject you want to improve.
Discovered by great teams! Participate in minor/weekly tournaments and Gameness PLS ​​Leagues!
It s showtime The chance to win millions of dollars in the world's biggest arenas is in your hands!


It's the players that make us who we are.

As a Nessie (Dao Member), decide which game leagues will be held, in which country we will organize LAN events, and more!

The amount of GNESS and your NFTs are significant to becoming a Nessie. Nessie will have many different advantages! Stay tuned!

Gameness road map.
Gameness tokenomics.

My Team

Co-Founder & CEO
Burak Çevik

He previously worked for companies such as Riot Games, ESL, Bigpoint. He is a successful entrepreneur and author of 2 books.

C. Metin Erduran

He previously worked for companies such as Riot Games, Ericsson, Siemens. He is an entrepreneur and video game lover.

Graphic Designer
Berkan Ergin

Berkan Ergin is a multidisciplinary designer. He is someone who is dedicated to creating remarkable products in a wide variety of projects and is happy to offer his skills as a designer.

Head of Partnership
Berkay Güven

In a 4+ Years of active Blockchain history, he has launched more than 30+ successful projects with major investment companies. He has held various C-Level positions in different fields. He is in contact and actively working with thousands of projects in many C-Level communities.

Event & Production Manager
Berke Kaçmaz

He was responsible for the live broadcasts and productions of world championships and leagues of many esports companies, including ESL. He had the opportunity to work in 23 different countries and was involved in the production stages of events such as the Olympics and national team selections.

Director Manager
Boğaçhan Aydın

As a seasoned leader in the gaming and esports industry, He has consistently propelled companies to the summit of success. With a trailblazing career marked by senior management roles in esports, events, media, and gaming, He ventured into implementing innovative investment methods in 2015.

Marketing Specialist
Büşra Çevik

She works as a social media specialist since 2018. Previously worked for The Academys, Gamer Arena and AYZE Event in esports sector. She is nano influencer and creates daily contents for herself.

Marketing Specialist
Cain Beaudoin

He is a marketing specialist focused on branding.
He is proficient in utilizing web 3 advancements and social media to elevate brand experiences.
He goal is to create memorable experiences for audiences, and he stays updated with the latest trends to deliver effective campaigns.

Community Moderator
Deniz Sezer

He is a community moderator with a focus on community.
He is proficient in utilizing community interaction to create engaging experiences.
He is dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive community environment

Project Management Specialist
Elif Dilara Gezici

A valuable team-player with traits such as practicality, creativity and flexibility.
KUCOIN CUP being one of them, she managed 20+ important projects in the esports ecosystem.

BD Spec.
Fatih Karaoğlu

He worked in esports operations at The Academys. He served as esports specialist for Youth Cup and TESFED offline events. He was a presenter for various broadcasts of The Academys.

People & Culture Manager
Merih Can Öcel

One of the first human resources in the esports industry in Turkey. Formerly worked at The Academys as Human Resources Resposible.

Head of Education
Mete Ali Başkaya

9 years in the Crypto & Blockchain Ecosystem, Ex Country Manager and Regional Manager of Crypto Exchange,
proven record of consultancy in every business field of Crypto Currency Projects.

Üveys Uygul

A young entrepreneur who has successfully managed various projects in the MENA region.
Also volunteerly giving consultancy to projects in the field of blockchain/DeFi - Web3.
He did 3 years - financial operation management within govermental projects of Qatar.